Brandt is a psychic clairvoyant, highly sensitive empath and natural medium. He recognized his gift at age 7 after a near death experience. Brandt uses Tarot cards and guides throughout his intuitive readings.

He has worked 9 missing person cases and successfully aided in solving 8 of said cases.

Brandt’s goal in working with you is to turn pain into power and to help you recognize your very own intuition. Brandt has a very unique reading style and is highly respected within his community for his stunning accuracy, honesty & empathy.

What should I expect in a reading with Brandt?

 “Honestly when my clients set down in front of me or the phone rings, I do not know what to expect. I let the universe and my guidance step in and whatever needs to happen will happen. Some days I am a medium and some days it’s simply something that I am saying to my client that I can feel within my gut is truth. My best answer for you or anyone seeking a reading from me is to expect the unexpected & have faith in our higher source.”