Sara is an herbalist, tarot reader, and plant magic maker. She has been reading tarot for over fifteen years and also publishes a monthly magazine featuring tarot spreads and herbal info. She believes in letting the lunar cycles and seasons guide the spiralic nature of our lives, and tarot is one of her most valued tools to guide her along her path.

She primarily reads with the Wild Unknown tarot but also works with other tarot decks, oracle cards, and moon phase runes. She is happy to read for you with any combination of these tools that you wish.

Sara’s readings are aimed at helping you move forward on your path – to not dwell on past events, but instead looking at how they can shape and guide your future. She doesn’t like to focus on problems without also looking for potential solutions and lessons. Her goal is for you to leave the reading with a clear sense of what your next course of action needs to be, and confidence in your ability to take the necessary steps.